How to Escape 12 Traps of Creative Resistance, Turn Self-Sabotage into Success, and Use the Stage as a Tool for Awakening (PART 4)

Ok here are the last traps I would like to help you avoid… Trap 10: WINGIN’ THINKIN’ YOU: “I don’t really believe in memorizing and rehearsing. If I “over-rehearse” I’ll sound like a robot delivering lines, instead of a real human being… I’m more of a wing-it, improv-type person. It Read more…

Creating What You Really Want

Do you find yourself repeating behaviors that sabotage your creative work or your enjoyment of life? Self-sabotage started as a coping mechanism that helped us get through something difficult when we were younger. When the situation we were protecting ourselves from chages, we no longer need that coping mechanism. But it can be difficult to see how to let it go.