Creative Traps to Avoid

Escape 12 Traps of Creative Resistance, Turn Sabotage into Success, and Use Art for Awakening (4: AUTHORITY FIGURE ISSUES)

TRAP 4: “AUTHORITY FIGURE ISSUES” YOU: “I don’t like how you’re leading this workshop. I quit. (And I know it’s non-refundable, but can I have my money back?)” ME: “You may not like me, and you may find my leadership style irritating. I seem bossy and maybe you don’t like how Read more…

Your Creative Groove

I also know about myself that once I’ve written notes, I need time on my own to edit, sort things out, and use the other side of my brain to see what else I can fill in. I also use the time on my own to reflect if what I’m writing about really feels like it’s in my “voice” and it’s aligned with what I want to say to the world, or if it’s really been influenced by that particular group of friends. Then, I go back to people again–this time an audience–to work on my material next.

How to Actually Manifest Your Dream, Part 6 of 7

Have you been letting everyone you know and meet how excited you are and how they can participate?
Have you asked people to support you by helping at the event?
Have you checked on the venue? Have you checked on the people putting together any external part of your project?
Do you have to pay for services? Let people know about your preferences? Have someone host or introduce you? Will other people perform/exhibit/etc at the event?