Coaching Packages

The Discovery Package (10 Sessions + Monthly Call) The Ease & Delight Package (20 Sessions + Monthly Call + 2 four-hour retreats + 1 family constellation) Both packages begin with a one and a half hour Foundation Session that sets the stage for the coaching relationship and lets you share Read more…

5 Ways to Deal with Professional Envy

It’s interesting when, instead of feeling inspired, we feel envy or jealousy. What a great opportunity for growth! Particularly artists, who are often a 4 in the enneagram, are susceptible to jealousy. I work coaching a lot of artists whose main block is comparing themselves to others. And let me tell you: jealousy has not made any of my clients more talented, more brilliant, funnier, or smarter. BUT…

Eat, Pray, Laugh! solo show premiers

So the creativity coaching work that I do is largely based on the work I’ve done to get through the blocks to being a comedian, solo performer, and artist. Here’s a little sample of what I’ve been up to in my creative life. I’ll be performing this show Eat, Pray, Laugh! in San Francisco January 20th, 2010 to February 24th each week with kirtan singer Mirabai.

Creative Care

The needs for esteem, meaning, beauty, self-fulfillment, and helping others toward self-fulfillment (transcendence) build upon all those. Covering these needs at each level is really an act of self-love. If you were to design your own personal hierarchy of needs, what would it include?