5 Ways to Deal with Professional Envy

It’s interesting when, instead of feeling inspired, we feel envy or jealousy. What a great opportunity for growth! Particularly artists, who are often a 4 in the enneagram, are susceptible to jealousy. I work coaching a lot of artists whose main block is comparing themselves to others. And let me tell you: jealousy has not made any of my clients more talented, more brilliant, funnier, or smarter. BUT…

How to Actually Manifest Your Dream, Part 7 of 7

The final part of manifestation really is to receive your heart’s thanks, and the appreciation of others for what you’ve manifested. Let your gift be an inspiration and a celebration that you have won your game! Party, dance, sing, laugh, and rejoice! Really let yourself know how great this is! Your full celebration of this success will complete the loop and allow you to rest and prepare for your next creative feat. Congratulations! I look forward to accompanying you on your next adventure.