How to Actually Manifest Your Dream, Part 5 of 7

Have your “creator” hat on while you’re brainstorming, writing, drawing, singing… After your allotted creating time, take off your creator hat, and put on your “appreciator” hat. As the appreciator, you will talk to the creator for a few minutes and let her (or him) know how thankful you are to her for being so open and uncensored.

How to Actually Manifest Your Dream, Part 1 of 7

Here’s the thing that will blow this up and bring it to the next level: you need to let your mind know that you mean business. So take the vision you’ve written, and find a magical way to show yourself your commitment. Perhaps you post it on your wall where you look every day. Perhaps you light a candle and dedicate yourself to your vision each morning. Perhaps you distill the vision into a word and wear that word around your wrist or neck as an amulet.