How to Actually Manifest Your Dream, Part 1 of 7

Here’s the thing that will blow this up and bring it to the next level: you need to let your mind know that you mean business. So take the vision you’ve written, and find a magical way to show yourself your commitment. Perhaps you post it on your wall where you look every day. Perhaps you light a candle and dedicate yourself to your vision each morning. Perhaps you distill the vision into a word and wear that word around your wrist or neck as an amulet.

Taking a Leap of Faith

Think of the most important moments in your life, those that were inspired, those that brought you to a new level of understanding about what life means to you. Was art part of that? Was it something you read in a book or a piece of music your heard? A film you saw? Each of the creators of those works pushed past the internal and external voices that said, “Don’t bother.”

Find your way, no matter what.

When she worked up the courage to return to the stage, she knew her talent and skill was unquestionable. And if a booker (or audience member, or anyone) ever speaks unkindly again, she’ll know without a doubt that it’s because they had a bad day. And more importantly, she’s knows she’s earned her self-esteem and her place on stage.

Compare and despair? Or just be you.

I’d like to propose that the people you admire were not actually aiming for Success or Getting Things Right or Looking Good so much as being really curious about and exploring themselves and the world around them. They were becoming themselves, and the opportunities that arose came out of a willingness to take the risk of really knowing who they are. And things “all come together” at exactly the moment when you decide you’re ready for it.

Dressing the Part

How we present ourselves is a manifestation of how we see ourselves, and a wish for how others might see us. I encourage you to experiment with your appearance. Step outside of your comfort zone. If you always wear suits or dresses, try putting on a crazy hat and wearing your clothes backwards to the park. Creativity is about exploring possibility, and it’s fueled by your willingness to be in the unknown.

Vision and Heart

A great way to hold your vision is to make a collage. Get a bunch of magazines, cut out the images that appeal to your deepest sense of yourself, paste them together, and then post your collage in a prominent place in your home.

Creative Heart Coaching

You have a unique gift to offer the world. What if you have an idea of what that gift is, but don’t know how to use it or trust it? In a unique process tailored to your goals, visions, and ideals, I can help you bridge the gap between possessing your gifts and talents and expressing them.