How to Actually Manifest Your Dream, Part 7 of 7

The final part of manifestation really is to receive your heart’s thanks, and the appreciation of others for what you’ve manifested. Let your gift be an inspiration and a celebration that you have won your game! Party, dance, sing, laugh, and rejoice! Really let yourself know how great this is! Your full celebration of this success will complete the loop and allow you to rest and prepare for your next creative feat. Congratulations! I look forward to accompanying you on your next adventure.

How to Actually Manifest Your Dream, Part 6 of 7

Have you been letting everyone you know and meet how excited you are and how they can participate?
Have you asked people to support you by helping at the event?
Have you checked on the venue? Have you checked on the people putting together any external part of your project?
Do you have to pay for services? Let people know about your preferences? Have someone host or introduce you? Will other people perform/exhibit/etc at the event?

How to Actually Manifest Your Dream, Part 1 of 7

Here’s the thing that will blow this up and bring it to the next level: you need to let your mind know that you mean business. So take the vision you’ve written, and find a magical way to show yourself your commitment. Perhaps you post it on your wall where you look every day. Perhaps you light a candle and dedicate yourself to your vision each morning. Perhaps you distill the vision into a word and wear that word around your wrist or neck as an amulet.

Creative Heart Coaching

You have a unique gift to offer the world. What if you have an idea of what that gift is, but don’t know how to use it or trust it? In a unique process tailored to your goals, visions, and ideals, I can help you bridge the gap between possessing your gifts and talents and expressing them.