Elemental-truthI've been coaching people in comedy and in particular, "spiritual comedy". Both I and my clients who have a background in spirituality, whether it's in teaching it or practicing it, tend to have this kind of airy-fairy way of moving through our day, focusing on the positive, and trying to do the happy thing.

Well, the truth is that we aren't always light and happy. And when we express the truth, we're a lot funnier than when we're trying to be funny or trying to be positive. Comedy is conflict. Comedy is complaining. Laughter can be totally pure and light, but comedy usually comes from strife.

As soon as I have my airy-fairy clients "step into" that part of themselves that has an opinion or a struggle, they're suddenly funny. Without trying. This is a difficult thing to practice if you don't know what doing it already feels like. Here are a few ways to begin if you feel like you've never really told your truth before. Of course there are layers upon layers of our truth, some funny, some funny to other people, some not so much. I still sometimes feel like I'm not telling the truth, even though I've spent my whole life working on it. It's still scary.

1. Notice how you feel physically. Physical sensation is actually the manifestation of the unconscious, so just by noticing you have a stomach ache or you feel tired, and acknowledging it to yourself, that's a level of truth.

2. Notice how you feel emotionally, and if you feel that feeling anywhere in particular in your body. Say it out loud, in front of no one. "I feel anxiety in my throat."

3. Notice what story, thought, opinion, or attitude you have about it, and say that. This is where the funny comes. But only if you're not trying, and only sometimes. 


Alicia Dattner

Comedian and Creatrix Alicia Dattner is an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning performer who loves to help others use the power of humor to transform their lives and write a new unfolding story for the world.


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