Babies-talk-language-development_1 Idle talk between coworkers promotes creativity! We all know that the mid-morning water-cooler chat is a time-honored ritual of procrastination. What would happen if a company encouraged office banter? Or scheduled it?

Christian Nahas of Radiant Systems did just that. In fact, he organized a 15 minute coffeehouse-style sit and chat before every workday. The rules: No phones. No ulterior motives. Nahas soon found that unstructured conversation opened opportunities for creative brainstorming. 

The comradarie of coffee time helped workers make decisions faster too. Nahas recalled an example of how a salesperson was inspired to find a new approach to boost creativity. Bonds created by face to face conversation proved invaluable to day-to-day business.

More than that, imagine how it can increase creativity for us freelance creatives and solopreneurs? Perhaps it's important for us to make time to work with friends at a cafe or co-working space.. to give cohorts a call for inspiration.. The moral of the story? Stay in relationship!

Investor's Daily and Morey Stettner researched this story for their July 22nd column. 

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