Whether you have a great speech you want to punch up with comedy and make excellent, you want to be funnier and more magnetic in your business, or you want to create a one person show from scratch, I can help. Because I’ve done it. (And I’m pretty darn good at it.)

I regularly lead workshops in Oakland, California, and I also lead weeklong workshops around the world. My current favorite locale is Bali, Indonesia! Learn more about my international workshops here.



If you’re ready to begin, make an appointment below, and I’ll send you a brief application to fill out.

Here are a few rave reviews from clients:

“Alicia is so inspiring. Sometimes she teaches lessons that are so profound in the moment that I am a bit amazed at what just happened.”

“Wow!! What an amazing night!!!! I’m waking up feeling so full and happy. And, the second part of my show came into focus I soon as I opened my eyes this morning!!! OH S***! I want to do it again. Right Now. I think I became addicted to the stage last night.”

“I love what Alicia brings to teaching and the space she creates. There is so much permission to be ourselves. Great feedback. And she CARES. So deeply. All the time. She brings out the best in me.”

“Alicia changed my life for the better. I began work with her hoping for creative guidance. She is immensely talented in this realm. The experience surpassed my expectations though. It became one of the most healing journeys I’ve ever taken. She not only nurtured my artistic growth, she helped cultivate my personal evolution as well. Alicia is profoundly skilled and she cares deeply. This combination makes her an unstoppable force. Plus she’s damn funny! I’ve done my best but there are no words to properly describe the wonder of Alicia Dattner. I’m just so grateful to have met her because she helped me find my voice.”

Nima S.


“I loved working with Alicia.  She was extremely helpful to me, encouraging, great suggestions and she kept me on track during our coaching.  I highly recommend her.”

Carol M.


“Alicia has been my guide on several healing journeys, each one travelled different ground; each one required different “tools”; each one resonated with the issue at hand. Alicia has the magical gift to be completely present with me, to ask me questions and she has the willingness & compassion to hold the space for me as I connect to my higher self and take my next steps. She has the highest integrity and can also help me laugh and cry. I am so grateful to have found Alicia and look forward to working with her again.”

Suzanne W.


“Alicia carries a beautifully connected spiritual energy.  My experience of her as a coach is that she is open, vulnerable, and present.  She doesn’t hide behind masks of arrogance or pride.  She is kind, sensitive, and she holds space for my process beautifully.  My Higher Self Coaching session with her was a lovely experience that brought me into contact with some higher wisdom that I had lost touch with for some time.  I felt nurtured, loved, supported, honored, and seen when I worked with her.  I recommend working with Alicia highly!!”

Katie R.



“Dear Alicia,

I just wanted to let you know how terrific your laugher yoga workshop was for the Student Affairs staff retreat at California College of the Arts. You helped to bring us closer through play. It was impressive to see how you invited the group to laugh and do all kinds of fun exercises together. You did a lovely job facilitating a fun and meaningful group experience. I can confidently recommend you to any organization or group. Thank you so much.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Tara Rech”

Director of Counseling Services
California College of the Arts


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Alicia Dattner

Comedian and Creatrix Alicia Dattner is an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning performer who loves to help others use the power of humor to transform their lives and write a new unfolding story for the world.